HIT Corporation Japan, the Anthasoft Japanese Distributor agrees exclusive agreement with メWillcomモ to solely deliver and support in Japan the “anthaVPN 7.6 for Windows Mobile” the Worlds first and only VPN security solution for mobile devices in Japanese.

Shannon-Ireland, 12th of November 2007

Anthasoft Ltd, the Mobility Security Software company for mobile handheld devices, today is delight to announce the exclusive agreement between HIT and Willcom, both companies have been working together to release the AnthaVPN Japanese version to serve the fastest growing market place of Japan for Mobile security. Anthasoft Ltd has now released the Worldユs first VPN security solution in Japanese to provide these consumers with the highest level of security for their mobile devices. HIT will solely delivery and directly support all AnthaVPN 7.6 & higher to Willcom corporation and its customers.


About Anthasoft

Anthasoft is a multinational technology company with a world wide presence through its Distribution Network and Partners. Anthasoft has offices in Shannon (Ireland), Seattle (USA), Mexico DF, Madrid & Barcelona (Spain). “We are very excited with this collaboration of HIT Corporation and Willcom, the value this now brings to our Japanese customers by allowing our highly secure product portfolio solutions to be available to them in there own language that will be maintained and directly supported in Japan by our partner HIT Corporation” says Steve Wilson, Director and C.O.O. of Anthasoft Ltd.

The main objectives of Anthasoft tools are to meet all the needs that arise in information technology and provide security solutions for mobile devices as well as enterprise solutions such as user administration and management solutions. Anthasoft is the leader in security solutions for many mobile devices on all platforms with its large portfolio of mobile secure products including VPN, Firewall, Secure, Anti-Virus and Deployment Manger. Anthasoft has over 500 world wide customers and FIPS 140-2 Certification, the highest encryption needed for military wireless transition (NSA Approved).


bout HIT

Enterprise customers are in much demand for the anthaVPN solution because of the high level of productivity enhancement created by the direct and secure connection between Willcom Mobile phones and Enterprise server through the internet environment , and now HIT working with Anthasoft we have released a Japanese version for Willcom market place here in Japan.モ says Nobu Honda CEO of HIT Corporation.

HIT Corporation is a dedicated wireless solution company integrated with world leaderユ product such as Cisco, LXE ,Zebra and Summit etc located in Tokyo Japan. On May this yea HIT has released “Smart5250” which is the first developed middleware on Smartphone in the world with the ability to directly connect to IBM System i, through internet and protected by anthaVPN.


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