Global Partners – Filling the Needs of Clients Together

HIT uses its strong relationships with partners from across the globe in order to fulfill clients’ needs with the highest level of quality and standards.

The Global Relationship of HIT can provide
Product Development and Services that are optimal for its clients.

Castles Technology is one of the world’s leading payment device manufactures in Taiwan.
HIT works with Castles Technology to design specifications and develop complete hard/software solutions that integrate with different payment processors and client requests (i.e., color, housing, special needs).

Castles Technology, キャッスルテクノロジー、Vega3000、Saturn1000

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PAY Service is a subsidiary under HIT that deals with PAX Technology products in China.
PAX Technology provides a number of innovative products such as Android payment devices and Android solutions among others.

PAX Japan PAYサービス PAX 日本 PAX 中国 TMN UTP-10 Anywhere リンクプロセシング A9 PAX Technology A920

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Zebra is a USA-based manufacturer that dominates world market business-related mobile devices & printers. HIT and Zebra have developed highly secure LAN based middleware that is compliant with Japan’s strict Network Security Standards.

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Ivanti is a leading mobile company for Mobile Device Management (MDM). In addition to MDM, Wavelink provides enterprises-level products and services such as cloud applications for Japanese smart phones and mobile computers – a system that was jointly developed with HIT.

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